Cameradactyl 3D Printed Camera Smashes Kickstarter Funding Goal

2018-08-08 Source:

Cameradactyl is a new 3D printed 4×5 camera project that recently launched on Kickstarter. Created by camera enthusiast Evan Moses, the Cameradactyl is available in a range of funky colors, cheekily determined by the cheapest filament Moses could get hold of when prototyping the project.

The camera does not include a lens or film holders. Instead, the Cameradactyl is a large format camera; it is “basically just a black box”.

But, such black boxes can cost upwards of $2,000. Moses’ 3D printed alternative costs just $225. It’s funky and fun but takes pictures which can be indistinguishable from those taken on an expensive 4×5.

This is all due to the lens you use. Moses himself uses 150mm and 210mm normal lenses. He adds: “If you haven’t used a large format camera before, I recommend you do a little googling into lens choices, and see what types are out there, and what different effects they can produce.” 

Because the body is entirely 3D printed, Moses offers the camera in custom color schemes as a reward, letting backers design a camera as wacky as they desire.

At the time of writing, Moses has completely smashed his modest $2,500 funding goal, raising $6,354 from 29 backers. Moses has said that the money would go toward purchasing 3D printers to produce his mostly 3D printed camera.


Inspiration Behind the Cameradactyl

Moses begins his Kickstarter campaign by explaining that he’s always built cameras. However, his designs were previously made from wood and metal. But, when he got his hands on a new 3D printer, this changed.

He began designing and printing prototypes inspired by a classic field camera design. The challenge with printing in plastic was working out how to retain functionality and durability.

Moses adds more technical details, saying: “The camera has rack and pinion geared focusing rails for both the front and back standards, front swings, tilts, rise and fall, and rear swings and tilts. The bellows accommodates lenses from about 90mm to 300mm.”

Check out Cameradactyl on Kickstarter for more.