• 2016

    Jan. 2016 Spring Festival Dinner in Gems Cube International Hotel

    Jan. Attended international IoT industry & standard summit

    Jan. "VAN Electronics" awarded Shenzhen top brand

    Feb. Attended IoT + intelligent industry develop leading meeting

    Apr. Attended 2016 the 19th China North-East international industry Fair

    Jun. Attended 2016 Bao’An industry development Fair

    Aug. Awarded member certification of “National IoT basic standard workgroup”

    Sep. Attended the 18th CIOE Fair

    Sep. Attended China Intelligent City Technology & Application Fair

    Nov. Attended the 16th China International Power Equipment & Technology Fair

    Nov. Attended the 5th China (Huizhou) IOT & Cloud technology Fair

    Nov. Attended 2016 the 18th China International Industry Fair

  • 2015

    Jan. 2014 annual summary meeting & 2015 annual planning meeting

    Mar. Attended Bao'An district government "1+N" series business meeting

    Mar. Attended national top sales seminar

    Sep. Attended the fifth China intelligent city technology & application exhibition

    Sep. Attended the sixth China international IoT exhibition

    Nov. Attended the seventeenth China international industrial exhibition

    Dec. VAN was selected as the candidate brand of "Shenzhen top brand"

    Dec. Attended the first Shenzhen business conference- "Future is coming"

  • 2014

    Jan. VAN decennial Celebration Party in Royal International Hotel

    Jan. 2014 new product release conference

    May. Road show from Shenzhen Science Association

    Jun. Attended the Third Gullet IoT Fair

    Jul. Established Bao'An big data industry technology innovation alliance

    Nov. Attended the Sixteenth China International Hi-tech Fair

  • 2013

    Jan. 2013 annual meeting-"Teamwork, executive force, development"

    Mar. Awarded Bao'An district 2012 "Safe management standard enterprise"

    Apr. Attended Spring China sourcing fair in Hongkong

    May. Attended 2013 Xi'An intelligent city technology & application exhibition

    Jun. Attended the Second gullet IoT industry exhibition

    Sep. Attended 2013 China (Ningbo) intelligent city technology & application exhibition

    Oct. Attended 2013 Suzhou electronic information exhibition

    Oct. Attended the fifteenth international power equipment & technology exhibition

    Nov. Attended the fifteenth China international industrial exhibition

  • 2012

    Jan. 2012 annual meeting-Mission, responsibility, be thankful

    Mar. Attended the fifteenth China international industrial automation & instrument exhibition

    Mar. Attended the fourteenth China north international devices manufacturing exhibition

    Apr. Attended the tenth China (Chongqing) Hi-tech exhibition

    Apr. Attended spring China sourcing fair in Hongkong

    May. Attended the eighth China national defense electronic exhibition

    May. Attended 2012 intelligent city & IoT industry exhibition

    Jun. Held VAN 2012 national top sales training

    Jul. VAN became Ji’Nan University industry-university-research cooperation base

    Sep. Attended the nineth Guangzhou international enterprise exhibition

    Sep. Attended the fourteenth international power equipment & technology exhibition

    Nov. Attended the fourteenth China international industry fair

  • 2011

    Apr., Established Security business division

    Jun., Attended Qingdao industrial automation & security exhibition

    Sep. Awarded Guangdong quality standard enterprise certification

    Oct. Attended China international IoT exhibition

    Oct. Attended power distribution automation technology & application summit

    Oct. Passed ISO14000 international environment management system certification

    Nov. Attended 2011 Shanghai international industrial exhibition

    Dec. Attended the eighth Malaysia China import and export exhibition

  • 2010

    Mar., Started use ERP management system

    Aug., Released products catalog

  • 2009

    Sep., Shenzhen VAN Electronics CO., Ltd founded in Baoan, Shenzhen.

    Nov., VAN's webiste was been accomplished.

    Dec., Started use OA management system.

  • 2008

    May., VAN GROUP (HK) CO., LIMITED founded in HK.