【Employee Benefits】 

1) General rule
In order to attract and retain talents, the company provides employees with excellent salary and benefits, to create a harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere.

2) Guiding ideology and implementation principles
Corporate welfare does not engage in egalitarianism and big pots. Depending on individual performance, the service life is different and the rank is different.

3) Salary composition
Basic salary: the company for each post to provide highly competitive market wage levels to attract the community to join the company of talents;
Performance bonuses: The company encourages employees to show excellence in positions and offers incentives for different bonuses based on differences in individual performance.

4) Insurance 
Five insurance a gold;
Business Insurance: Team Accidental Injury Accidental Injury Group Accident Insurance.

5) Holiday 
National statutory holidays
Paid annual leave: all employees who have served for 12 months are entitled to paid annual leave;
Holidays set by other countries.

6) Other benefits
Holiday gifts: a major national holiday, the company will issue a certain amount of festive gifts;
Wedding gifts, birthday gifts and so on.